Castle of Temptation

“Castle of Temptation" introduces players to the mysterious mansion known as the “Castle of Enchantment," which emerges 86 years after the peace treaty between demons and humans. Unlike traditional adventures focused on combat and subjugation, the castle serves as an entertainment facility for both demons and humans to interact. As newcomers explore the mansion, they are tasked with examining their spirit and willpower through exploration and cultural exchange. However, the journey is fraught with danger, as adventurers must navigate mischievous traps and evade demons lurking within the castle. The protagonist embarks on this perilous adventure, aiming to pass the exam and escape the clutches of demons.

Game Content

The “Castle of Enchantment” appears as an entertainment place for demons and humans to interact, serving as a test of the spirit and willpower of newcomers.
Exploration and cultural exchange take precedence over combat and subjugation, presenting a unique challenge to adventurers.
Players take on the role of a newcomer to the castle, tasked with escaping demons and navigating treacherous traps to pass the exam safely.
Face boss battles at the back of the stage, participating in special minigame formats to compete against powerful opponents.
In the first phase of boss battles, players must enter the keys in the direction indicated by the arrows. Failure results in "dire consequences", with demonic women watching as the protagonist faces danger.


Explore the mysterious “Castle of Enchantment" and interact with demons and humans alike, adding depth to the gaming experience.

  • Over 70 H scenes!
  • 30 types of succubus and plenty of traps!
  • Different actions and lines in many H scenes.
  • In Virginity Mode there are even more lines and H scenes.
    Players will encounter sexual or reverse assault.
    The game mostly contains cowgirl position.
    Including cowgirl, regular, doggy style, handjob, feetjob, boobjob, blowjob, breastfeeding, masturbation, brainwash, transformation, body change, unbirth, etc.


The consequences of failure in boss battles may deter some players, especially those seeking a less punishing gaming experience.


“Castle of Temptation" offers a captivating adventure experience set in a mysterious mansion filled with demons and treacherous traps.
While its departure from traditional combat-focused gameplay may not appeal to all players, its innovative approach, immersive setting, and challenging gameplay make it a compelling choice for adventure enthusiasts.

Rating: 8/10 💥

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