Monster Nest ~Nana’s Interspecies Love-Making Adventure~

“Monster Nest" plunges players into a world of swords and magic, where the gods have retreated from the mortal realm, leaving evil to thrive. In this era, brave souls known as “Adventurers" rise up to combat the darkness that plagues the land. Nana, a novice adventurer, embarks on her first journey to Zerani Village, a remote settlement threatened by monstrous creatures.

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Explore the remote Zerani Village, a place besieged by monsters, as Nana takes her first steps as an adventurer.Utilize the attack and item buttons to perform actions. The attack button allows Nana to swing her sword and execute a spin attack when held down.Meanwhile, the item button, when pressed with directional keys, enables selection from three types of potions.

Unlike traditional games, “Monster Nest" features zero game overs.Instead, if Nana is defeated, she is transported to a monster nest. Players must strive to escape these nests, which contain valuable treasures. Successfully navigating the nest allows players to keep the treasure they find. Encounter a variety of monsters, including goblins, slimes, sand worms, ropers, and more, totaling up to 16 different types. As Nana takes damage, her HP decreases, and she becomes vulnerable to “naughty attacks" from monsters. The lower her HP drops, the more intense these attacks become, adding an element of challenge and risk to the gameplay.


Explore the perilous world of Zerani Village, filled with monsters and danger at every turn. Engage in fast-paced combat with various monsters, each posing unique challenges and strategies. The absence of game overs adds tension and excitement to the gameplay, as players must navigate monster nests to claim valuable treasures. Follow Nana’s journey as she grows from a novice adventurer to a seasoned warrior, overcoming obstacles and facing formidable foes along the way.


Some players may find the escalating difficulty as Nana’s HP decreases to be frustrating or overwhelming. While combat is engaging, the limited control scheme and action options may feel repetitive over time.


“Monster Nest" offers an exciting adventure experience set in a world teeming with monsters and peril. With its dynamic gameplay, immersive setting, and risk-reward mechanics, it provides hours of entertainment for fans of action-packed RPGs.

Rating: 7.5/10 💥

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