UkiyoGensoEnnichi ~Divine miko twins violated in the fight against yokai~


UkiyoGensoEnnichi ~Divine miko twins violated in the fight against yokai~ immerses players in a world where evil spirits invade a peaceful summer festival. Controlling two divine miko twins, players face yokai and try to restore peace.

Game Description

This game is a 3D side-scrolling action where players face a variety of yokai while exploring stages and fighting to save the summer festival. Combining attacks, special abilities, and the need to switch between the twins to save each other, the game offers a dynamic and challenging experience.

Sex Scene

Not only might they get impregnated by yokai, but they might also get turned into futanari by a slug yokai, causing NPCs to flee and making the girls turn on each other! (If futanari isn’t your thing, you can turn it off in the settings).

If the girls are attacked while they’re downed, the yokai will violate them with no remorse!
There are no scene transitions! The camera simply zooms in then and there seamlessly in real-time 3D!
The game progression will pause for you when it happens, so you can take your time to enjoy it with a 360-degree camera view.
If you switch characters and attack the assailant, you can save the one who’s downed, meaning you can enjoy such violation scenes without worrying about a game over!

Violation by Townspeople, Something ominous is affecting the men in town, causing them to lose self-awareness. They’ll try to assault and breed with the shrine maidens if the girls are weakened.
The townspeople must be protected, so you can’t attack them if they haven’t lost their minds. If they do, though, you can.
Don’t let down your guard just because there aren’t any yokai around.

A tanuki merchant who travels between the real world and the unseen world sells rare equipment.
You might be able to get money in exchange for your body.


The duration of the game may vary depending on the player’s skill and chosen difficulty. It is estimated that a complete playthrough could take several hours, with the possibility of replaying to unlock all achievements and extra content.


Innovative gameplay mechanics that combine continuous, real-time action with side-scrolling elements.
Vibrant 3D graphics and smooth animations, especially in the portrayal of yokai and the twins.
Variety of challenging yokai and bosses that keep gameplay interesting.
Character customization elements and equipment upgrades that encourage progression.


There may be a steep learning curve to master the character-switching mechanics and attack combinations.
Some players may find the “H" scenes unnecessary or uncomfortable, especially if they are not interested in that type of content.
Compatibility issues with certain devices may be a concern, as indicated by the lack of support for “Intel Arc".


UkiyoGensoEnnichi ~Divine miko twins violated in the fight against yokai~ offers a unique action-adventure experience, combining traditional side-scrolling elements with innovative gameplay mechanics. With impressive graphics, an engaging story, and exciting challenges, this game is a great choice for genre fans. However, some compatibility and content issues may diminish its appeal for certain players.

Rating: 10/10 💥

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