In the year 1753, during the third year of the Houreki period, Japan faces a new threat: giant insects.
“HACHINA" follows the journey of Hachina, a woman traveler and healer, as she travels the mountains of Tanba Province, offering help to villages plagued by these monstrous creatures,
Yet beneath the surface lies a mystery: What dark forces are manipulating the fight against these insect-borne diseases?


Created by hakkaku, known for his previous adult games, HACHINA features a fresh departure in setting and positions from his previous titles.
Players experience a basic 2D hack-and-slash journey that is relatively easy to navigate.
This simplicity allows for smoother progression, allowing players to focus on the game’s unique cutscenes and animations.

The game has several adult scenes, harmoniously integrated into the gameplay.
While the initial focus is heavily on insect enemies, the game promises a variety of encounters as players progress.
Players take on the role of Hachina, a pharmacist, introducing a level of item alchemy as the story unfolds.

However, typical progression minimizes the need for item collection, ensuring that the main focus remains on the action-packed gameplay.
Controls Although the game’s difficulty is not necessary to try, the boss battles and fast movement mechanics suggest using a gamepad for a smoother experience compared to the keyboard.


A captivating mix of history and fantasy that offers a unique perspective on battling giant insects.
The 2D hack-and-slash mechanic provides smooth progression, allowing players to explore the game’s adult scenes and animations.
A wide range of enemies and encounters ensure a diverse gameplay experience as players traverse the game world.
The relatively easy difficulty with strategically placed challenges ensures that players of all skill levels can enjoy the experience.


Although playable with a keyboard, the game’s mechanics and quick movements suggest a gamepad for a smoother, more enjoyable experience.


HACHINA features a captivating mix of story, fantasy and action-packed gameplay, combined with unique adult scenes and an engaging narrative.
While its niche premise and control recommendations may not appeal to everyone, those who are intrigued by its offerings will find it to be an enjoyable and engaging experience.

Rating 8/10 💥

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