Metamomento is a daring 2D action game that merges side-scrolling exploration, pixel art visuals, action shooting, and provocative elements. Players step into the shoes of Ena, an operative sent by an organization to probe a distress signal from the BO2-Lab. Venturing through the lab’s triad of research zones, players confront monsters, gather items, and navigate through intricate scenarios where adversaries aim to engage in unorthodox actions.

Game Content

Exploration of three distinct research sectors: Headquarters Research Area, Rocky Cave Area, and Plant Area. A plethora of foes ranging from mechanical and humanoid entities to plant-based monstrosities. Sensual elements interwoven into interactions with monsters and diverse scenarios such as tentacles, machinery, and slime. Skill augmentation: Players collect skills scattered across the lab to bolster their prowess, unlock new weaponry, and combat mischievous adversaries.


Metroidvania-inspired action gameplay where players guide Ena, employing running, leaping, and shooting mechanics to traverse the lab and engage foes.
Dynamic skirmishes with formidable monsters specialized in nefarious attacks.
Multiple zones to explore, each offering unique adversaries, landscapes, and trials.
Choice-driven interactions where players must decide whether to retaliate against foes or yield to their unconventional desires, influencing encounter outcomes.
Enigmatic hidden zone unlocked upon conquering the three primary research sectors.


Distinct fusion of action, exploration, and provocative elements providing a unique gaming journey.
Engaging narrative revolving around Ena’s exploration of the BO2-Lab and its enigmas.
Diverse enemy designs and environments ensuring gameplay remains engaging and challenging.
Skill enhancement system enabling players to tailor and reinforce their character abilities.
Decision-centric gameplay mechanics adding depth and replayability to the experience.


Limited insights into story progression, character evolution, and overall gameplay depth.


Metamomento delivers a daring and distinctive gaming experience with its blend of action, exploration, and provocative themes.

Rating: 7/10 💥

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