Seed of the Dead: Charm Song

Following the tumultuous events of “Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home," the tranquility of Home Town is shattered when Einomaru, a pivotal member of the protagonist’s team, vanishes during a routine patrol.

Concerned by her disappearance, the protagonist and their allies embark on a perilous quest to locate her. Their search leads them to a startling discovery: Einomaru captivating a horde of zombies with her mesmerizing song and dance.

As a new threat looms on the horizon, the group must harness the power of music to charm their adversaries and safeguard humanity, embarking on an unexpected journey into the world of idols.

Game Content

Engaging Idol Mode introduces a fresh gameplay experience, allowing players to manage and train idol heroines. Explore diverse stages filled with danger and opportunity, encountering new heroines and engaging in numerous events.

Immerse yourself in mini-games, defeat scenes, and over 100 H scenes, offering a blend of action and intimate encounters.
Customize your gameplay with costumes, weapons, facilities, and skills, enhancing your strategic depth and immersion in the game world.


Intriguing storyline with unexpected twists and character development.
Addition of Idol Mode provides variety and depth to gameplay, offering a unique spin on traditional action gameplay.

Extensive content with diverse stages, mini-games, and customization options.
Well-designed defeat scenes and H scenes add immersion and replay value to the game.


Some players may find the transition to Idol Mode and management mechanics overwhelming. Occasional pacing issues in the storyline may detract from the overall experience for certain players.
Limited availability of certain customization options and content may leave players wanting more variety.


Seed of the Dead: Charm Song delivers an exhilarating blend of action, music, and adventure, expanding upon its predecessor with the introduction of Idol Mode and a compelling storyline. Despite minor flaws in pacing and accessibility, the game offers a rich and immersive experience that will captivate players for hours on end.

Rating: 8/10 💥

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