Aikagura is an immersive side-scrolling Japanese-style sword-fighting action game set in a world on the brink of destruction. As monsters threaten the peace that was slowly emerging after a long war, players take on the role of Mitsuki Amanomiya, a fox demon demihuman and expert exorcist. Tasked with investigating the sudden outbreak of monsters in Totsuka no Kuni, Mitsuki must navigate through treacherous battles and uncover the cause of the disaster.

Game Description

Players control Mitsuki as she battles against waves of attacking monsters while searching for the root of the catastrophe. The game features two modes: human and demon. Mitsuki can transform into a powerful demon fox temporarily, granting her enhanced attack power but leaving her more susceptible to damage. Players must strategically time their transformations to gain the upper hand in combat.


Authentic side-scrolling Japanese-style sword-fighting action gameplay.
Dynamic combat mechanics including deflection and defense strategies.
Skill tree system allowing players to unlock and strengthen abilities using skill points.
Various restraining attacks and game over animations, adding depth to battles.
Gallery mode where defeated enemies and their erotic effects are registered.
Enemy control mode in the gallery, allowing players to control enemy characters.
Achievement system for fulfilling specific conditions.
Difficulty settings ranging from Normal to Very Hard, with cheat commands available in Normal mode.


Engaging storyline set in a richly detailed world filled with mystery and danger.
Fluid combat mechanics that offer a satisfying challenge for players.
Variety of gameplay features including skill customization, restraining attacks, and enemy control mode.
High-quality Spine animations for game over sequences, enhancing the visual experience.
Gallery mode adds replay value by allowing players to revisit defeated enemies and their animations.


Difficulty settings may not cater to all players, with limited accessibility for those seeking a more casual experience.


Aikagura offers an immersive and action-packed gaming experience with its compelling storyline, strategic gameplay, and rich features. While certain elements may not appeal to all players, those who enjoy Japanese-style action games will find plenty to enjoy in this captivating adventure.

Rating: 8/10 💥

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