Maid of the Dead

“Maid of the Dead" thrusts players into the heart of Akiba, a once vibrant city now besieged by hordes of zombies. As gun-slinging maids, your mission is clear: restore peace to the chaos-infested streets and reclaim the city from the clutches of the undead.

Game Content

Engage in adrenaline-pumping shooting action as you fend off waves of zombies pouring in from all directions. Utilize a variety of skills, from firing missiles to controlling drones, to decimate your foes and survive the relentless onslaught.

Recruit and empower stray maids to fight alongside you, bolstering your ranks and enhancing your chances of survival against the zombie horde.
Train and equip your maid team with powerful items and accessories, strategically customizing their abilities to overcome increasingly challenging threats.


Dive into fast-paced shooting gameplay with dynamic skill-based combat. Customize your maid team and arsenal to adapt to evolving challenges. Recruit and train stray maids to strengthen your forces and turn the tide of battle. Explore the vibrant streets of Akiba overrun by zombies, each corner teeming with danger and excitement.


The constant onslaught of zombies may become repetitive over extended play sessions. While the premise is compelling, the game may lack deeper storytelling elements and character development.


“Maid of the Dead" delivers an action-packed adventure set in a zombie-infested Akiba, offering thrilling combat, strategic depth, and immersive gameplay.

Rating: 8/10 💥

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