The Agnietta ~The holy healer & the cursed dungeon~

The Agnietta is a top-down action role-playing game that places players in the role of a heroine navigating through a cursed dungeon. As players progress through the story, the heroine learns new skills, ranging from offensive abilities to skills that grant various statuses. Encounter a variety of monsters that vary depending on your location, each with unique attacks and abilities, including the ability to possess, coil around, or parasitize the heroine.

Game Content

As the game progresses, the heroine acquires new abilities, offering a mix of offensive and status-granting abilities. Monsters can possess, ensnare or parasitize the heroine, requiring players to use these "bad" statuses to their advantage. The pose art changes to reflect the heroine’s status, offering a visual cue to the player. Battles are symbolic encounters, allowing players the choice to face or avoid battles. All battle details are displayed in real time. Defeat scenes result in bad statuses being applied to the heroine rather than the game ending. The game remembers actions taken against the heroine, potentially impacting future battles or the story. High quality basic CG art with variations.


The game offers a well-executed mix of action and exploration. The combat system is simple, but offers enough depth with new abilities and options to keep gameplay varied. In addition to combat, the game features simple puzzles, stealth sections, and mazes, adding variety to the gameplay. There are a variety of enemies with unique abilities, encouraging strategic gameplay at times. Enemies often grab the heroine, altering the pose art to reflect her status.

The game features high-quality CG art, especially in defeat scenes, focusing on monster and tentacle themes. While not very long, the dungeon offers a decent size, taking most players approximately 3 to 5 hours to complete a single playthrough. Despite the various states the protagonist can end up in, the game remains stable. The English translation is well done, ensuring a clear understanding of the game’s content.


Some players may prefer a more traditional gameplay approach rather than being captured and having to escape. However, they guarantee wonderful scenes.


Agnietta The Holy Healer & the Curled Dungeon offers an engaging mix of action, exploration and interesting content, with unique gameplay mechanics and high-quality visuals. Those interested in this genre will find a well-executed game with decent playtime and stability. I hope there are more versions of it.

Rating: 8/10 💥

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