Purify Mission

Purify Mission is a fantasy RPG Maker game set in a world where humans have emerged victorious against a demonic army. However, the aftermath of the war left the land contaminated with “Dark Polluted", a poisonous substance that threatens to contaminate the world. Players take on the role of George, a determined young saint tasked with purifying the Fortina region of this toxic presence. Along the journey, George meets several allies, including Hild and Morgan, who help him in his mission and other things…

Game Content

George, the protagonist, is a saint sent to purify the region of Fortina from this terrible contamination. We have the main story option to exterminate the “Polluted of Darkness" and also to participate in additional side missions available in the guild, including monster hunting and fetch missions.

Combat is turn-based, with enemies visible on the map. Regular attacks will not work against tainted enemies. George must utilize his purification ability to combat these enemies effectively.

Meet numerous characters throughout the game, including George, Misha, Hild, and Morgan, each with their own unique backgrounds and roles in the story.
Featuring six girls and twenty-two H scenes, “Purify Mission” offers hot, well-crafted scenes intertwined with its RPG gameplay. Players can expect gameplay time of over six hours if all missions are completed, depending on the player.


In addition to the main story, players can participate in side quests, adding depth and variety to the gameplay experience. Well-designed, diverse characters with unique origins and motivations, enriching the game’s narrative. With an estimated play time of over six hours, players can expect “Purify Mission” to be a decent length.


The requirement to use specific skills against tainted enemies can limit combat strategies, making battles potentially repetitive.


Purify Mission providing an engaging narrative with diverse characters. Although the combat mechanics may seem restrictive to some players, the game’s engaging story, variety of missions, scenarios, sensual scenes, and estimated play time make it a worthwhile experience.

Rating: 7.5/10 💥

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